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Financial Independence on Your Terms!
If you like unbiased advice in regards to your overall financial concerns and making sure all the moving pieces work together, then you can follow the structured approach we offer to guide you toward financial independence. As financial planning practitioners we follow 5 easy steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be, under no obligation. And if you feel we did not answer all your questions and create value then you don't need to pay. It's that simple..

We understand most clients want the confidencer of knowing that:
  1. They have taken steps that will help them to not outlive their money.
  2. They like to protect and grow their assets they have worked hard for.
  3. They like to reduce their taxes and make sure their assets go to whomever they love (not the government).
We also understand that everyone is looking to find an advisor that can deliver prudent advice not just another product. We not only offer the financial plans, we take it a step further by reviewing your tax return, to see if we can save you more on taxes. We review and audit all the fees on your investments and retirement plans, to make sure your not paying more than you need to be, and we review historical returns to make sure it matches your risk tolerance. In addition, we review your trust documents with an attorney for any updates required. We will even provide answers to questions on your insurance and mortgages to see if you should be paying lower fees!

If you are a Do it Your Self (DIY) person that likes to do everything on your own, you probably don't want to buy anything before you do this simple process with a professional. Its important to analyze your situation with a professional who can recommend what is best for you before you commit yourself to any financial products. Most of our clients are comfortable knowing they have an advisor that has a fiduciary role that requires us to recommend what is best for the them.

By doing the financial planning process, you can benefit from knowing all of the following:
  1. When can you comfortably retire?
  2. How much should you be spending in order to avoid running out of money at later ages?
  3. Should you reposition some of your assets to reduce taxes?
  4. How can you maximize your pension and social security income and avoid paying social security taxes?
  5. Correlation on your investments and proper asset allocation and rebalancing. 
  6. Review your estate plans, ownership and beneficiaries on all your accounts including Life insurance, annuities and Ira accounts to make sure you or the survivors don't end up paying too much income or estate taxes.
  7. How to create Long Term Care coverage using existing accounts with minimal cost?
  8. Run financial planning scenarios that project based on an average rate of return and inflation and what changes needs to take place in order for you to reach your goals. And if you are already there what to do to avoid running out of money.
These are just a few items that we can deliver that are unique to your particular situation. The amount of information you get is priceless and you don't want to depend on financial calculators since there are too many variables including interest rates, inflation, Medicare and Social Security. It is best for this to be done by financial planners and financial planning programs, and then you would receive recommendations in writing!

Financial Independence on Your Terms- Follows the 5 Step Process
  1. Discovery and establish trusting relationships- Understand all your concerns and your goals, by collecting all the data we can formulate the financial plans.
  2. Establish goals & your vision- you can make any changes to the plan and any adjustments on what needs to happen for you to reach your goals.
  3. Recommendations- this would be provided after all the adjustments and what needs to happen to reach your goals.
  4. Implementation- Financial Planning is useless if you don’t follow the recommendations, it may involve an IRA Rollover, repositioning of your investments, doing your trust or meeting your CPA to get additional work done to lower your taxes.
  5. Monitor & Review process- depending on your needs we can meet every three, six or twelve months to review your plan.
This is not just another Financial Plan because it involves you & your family goals to protect & grow what you have created!

If you have been looking to make sense of all the concerns above and would like to simplify your life and get suitable advice without any sales pressure and solve your Financial problems then for a small onetime fee you can experience this program with absolute zero risk.

Try all of this risk free with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason email me within 30 days and tell me you did not get any value out of our process, we will refund 100% of your planning fees! Money back guarantee within 30 days.

We invite you to go through this process with us to create the structure you need in order to reach your goals and answer the biggest questions everyone is concerned with; "How should I structure my financial plan to avoid running out of money and to protect & grow my assets"? “How to make sure I have a comprehensive financial plan that ensures all my advisors talk with one another to make sure I am taken care of"? We think this is priceless and recommend doing this for almost every client! 

Also we would like to extend 10% of the financial planning fees to the Charity of your Choice if you choose to work with us!
Interested? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with us to see if our process is right for you and if we can work together.

Some of the Questions people ask us?
  1. What if I have an Advisor? 
    That’s great, as I said a lot of advisors don’t do this work and most clients that do the financial plans with us decide to implement all the recommendations through our firm. 
  2. How much time does this take?
    If you give us all the data we are looking for we usually come back with the financial plan within one to two weeks. However, depending on your unique situation we can let you know at the beginning of the process.
  3. Why should I trust you & your company?
    We have a combined history as Financial Advisors of over 40 years and as Fiduciary we have to protect your interest at any given time and all your data is protected at the highest level due to FINRA & SEC Rules.
  4. Who would be an ideal client for the Financial Planning process?
     Usually business owners, professionals, engineers, nurses, pre-retirees and retirees that would like to protect & grow their assets and need structure going forward.
  5. How do we know you won’t steal our money? 
    Our advisors have worked for fortune 500 companies with no record of complaints and we follow the code of ethics with the Financial Planning Association and our Broker Dealer. All of our Associates go through a thorough background check and if you like when we talk I can provide a FINRA site for you to check our background if you wish. We are also members of The Financial Planning Association. I am also on the board of directors with the cancer support community in Westlake Village CA, as I believe in giving back to my community for a good cause!
  6. When would you Control our accounts & investments? 
    Initially all we do is provide the Financial Plans & Recommendations if you decide to work with us at that point we can discuss our investment philosophy and answer all your questions about our services. All Financial planning clients will get a credit towards our investment management services.


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck.