Sam’s story is one of hard work and dedication. As an immigrant to America, he learned early on the value of taking responsibility for his own success. At the age of just 16, he began paying the mortgage on his family’s home in the U.S., knowing that he would need to put himself through college as well. When the time came to get his bachelor’s, Sam started selling insurance to make ends meet and quickly discovered he enjoyed interacting with clients – something that his degree in Computer Science wouldn’t guarantee.
Never the quitter, though, Sam earned his degrees in Computer Science and Business Economics from the Florida Institute of Technology. After college, Sam decided to follow his calling and continued to work in this field, moving from insurance only to financial services. There came a point when Sam realized, however, that working for a corporate agenda constricted him from providing truly personalized plans to clients. From this epiphany came Hoss Financial. Now, with 35 years of experience, Sam works tirelessly to offer clients straightforward and honest financial guidance, utilizing the proper tools to meet their individual needs.
Sam and his wife, Mona, are proud to call the Los Angeles area their home, and they are committed to giving back to their community by supporting charities like City of Hope and Make-A-Wish Foundation. For Sam, the most rewarding aspect of his work is knowing that he has made a positive difference in the lives of his clients and his community.


It’s all about taking the first step.
When you look at retirement income planning, you soon find out most people don’t have pensions, Social Security is in question and we are facing challenges previous generations never had to worry about: longevity, increased market volatility, long-term care. One bad news report overseas can affect the value of your portfolio, and because you are relying on this portfolio to provide a retirement income, which causes a lot of stress about how to spend your money!

Most people we talk to today, have no clue about income planning and a written income plan that tells you how much money you can take out this year, or how to adjust for inflation and how much you can spend for the rest of your life so that you don’t run of money as you get older! My name is Sam Hoss, and as the Founder of Hoss Financial, I want to see you thrive in retirement by knowing that regardless of market fluctuations and all the challenges that you face, you have that peaceful feeling that you are going to be just fine. We would accomplish this by gathering all the financials and expenses so that the CFPs we partner with run the income plan and once they come up with the design, we will review what would be the best solutions for you to be totally confident and comfortable that all you had envision for your estate and retirement will be there tomorrow. Doing that takes a unique style of planning than what we’ve done before.

I know this because I have done this for the past 35 years for my clients, and I have seen the results when people listen to the advice and thrive beyond what they thought possible! We have no control over the market, but we can put strategies together that would give you the control and the outcome you want for the lifestyle you need.

I founded Hoss Financial to help people get a written plan tailored to their needs based on fiduciary standards and being able to offer the best solutions and products. As an independent financial services firm, we start every plan with the end in mind by asking the question, “What are you trying to do and how can we solve it?”

Most people want to accomplish more than just good returns; they want a good life. So, you tell me, what does success look like to you 1, 5 or 10 years from now? When you have a holistic plan, one that addresses taxation, inflation, market risk, and the rising cost of healthcare, one that can get you to older ages and still leave a legacy for whom you love! This is the benefit of having a written plan—the freedom to do more during your golden years— and this is what I want for you.
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Since entering the financial services industry in 1985, Sam Hoss has been committed to providing the highest quality of service and sound advice based upon thorough and timely research. He received his bachelor’s degree in computer science and business economics from the Florida Institute of Technology as well as Personal Financial Planning designation from UCLA and continues his education so that he can stay abreast of new developments in the industry and inform his clients with comprehensive and strategic information.
Sam is an Independent Financial Advisor and wealth manager of his independently owned and operated Hoss Financial, Inc. and as an Investment Advisor Representative with Foundations Investment Advisors, LLC. Sam Hoss focuses on the needs of successful professionals, high net-worth individuals, business owners and retirees. Through consistent effort and a commitment to outstanding service he has built a solid client base and has expanded his business through referrals from satisfied clients. Sam focuses on estate, retirement and business planning. Honesty, empathy, hard work, a solid education and a passion to truly serve his clients are some of the principles Sam follows every day as the rule of ethical conduct. He is also the author of “Simple Strategies to Reduce Estate & Income Taxes”
Extensive background and knowledge of the estate and retirement planning fields have allowed Sam to conduct numerous workshops on these topics. He is involved with many professional organizations including the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants and the Financial Planning Association. Sam has been honored with several awards, including the National Sales Achievement Award, qualification for the Presidents Conference with MetLife Securities, and Million Dollar Roundtable Life Member.
Hoss Financial would be honored to have you consider joining over 300+ clients and be a part of our extended family! Hoss Financial will provide educational events to existing clients on an ongoing basis. Sam and his wife, Mona, reside with their two children in the Los Angeles area and they contribute to the following charities: City of Hope, Make A Wish foundation, Cancer Support Community, Folds of Honor and Heart Association.
Hoss Financial would be honored to have you consider joining over 300+ clients and be a part of our extended family! Hoss Financial will provide educational events to existing clients on an ongoing basis. Sam and his wife, Mona, reside with their two children in the Los Angeles area and they contribute to the following charities: City of Hope, Make A Wish foundation, Cancer Support Community, Folds of Honor and Heart Association.
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“It’s our responsibility to assess your financial situation and only make recommendations that are in your best interest, and we do so with integrity and transparency”
– Sam Hoss


Our expertise lies in crafting financial plans that will carry you through retirement and beyond. We don’t have quotas to fill for a big insurance company – our agenda is yours. That’s why we use a careful recipe of insurance products and investment strategies to help preserve your hard-earned assets and grow them within your preferred risk tolerance.
Our ultimate goal is to ensure you enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build and that it allows you to give back to the people and causes your care about.


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Sam Hoss has always given me sound advice. He is easy to get in touch with and demonstrates a willingness to research his recommendations. I have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends and business associates.

-Mr. Mahmood J.

Sam is a very smart and nice person. I highly recommend him. He knows his business very well and tries to satisfy what his clients are looking for.

-Dr. Ingrid S., D.D.S., Orthodontist

Sam Hoss has dealt with all of my life insurance needs over the years. He has been thorough and helpful in explaining all of the different types of insurance and investments. Working with him is a joy.
-Mr. Mark B., Television Producer
Sam works diligently on behalf of his clients. He listens, provides his advice and recommendations, and carries out the client’s decision promptly. He is knowledgeable and responsive.
-Mr. Alan W., Attorney at Law

For many years I have witnessed the sound advice and exceptional service Sam extends to his clients. I take great comfort in Sam’s total focus on delivering the greatest benefit to the customer without regard to personal economic gain. Sam makes investing hassle-free and keeps me informed. I have used many advisors but Sam is the best.

-Dr. Iraj R., OB/GYN

We can recommend Sam Hoss without hesitation. He has been a financial advisor that we have come to trust and respect. His advice has been sound and beneficial to us. We find him to be personable and responsive to our needs. He is also very resourceful when it comes to finding the right professionals to aid in our financial planning. He is a pleasure to work with and we are grateful to have him as part of our life planning.

-Mr. Mark G., Attorney

These testimonials were given by current clients of our firm. These testimonials are for illustrative purposes only and may not be representative of the experience of every client. Your results may vary.

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